The county of Essex is a place full of rich history and recognised as one of the most popular settlements for those looking to move away from London. We’ve been helping Essex residents with loft conversions for years and have developed an enviable reputation in the region.

Many of the houses in Greater London and the Essex region were built pre-war during the 1930s. Gaining planning permission was far more difficult during this period, leaving many homeowners in Essex unable to plan loft conversions. Thankfully, the rule change in October 2008 has revolutionised the shape of the Essex property landscape and The Loft Consultancy are one of the leading companies helping to serve this growing demand.

With so much restriction previously placed on homeowners in the Essex region, many would not even attempt to have their loft converted. Now, with the property market booming and young couples in Essex wanting to shape their home to suit their lifestyle, loft conversions are more popular than ever.

Some of the main reasons we’ve become the go-to loft conversion company in Essex are:

  • We understand the property market and needs of homeowners in Essex
  • Our reputation has been built on providing high quality service
  • We are able to work right across the Essex county
  • It can take less than 6 weeks to finish a new loft conversion
  • The industry experience and knowledge we provide is tailored to every customer

For homeowners in the Essex region who are looking to add extra value to their home, a loft conversion can increase the value by tens of thousands of pounds. For those who are facing difficulty in selling their homes, a loft conversion can create much needed extra space. It can also help younger couples who are unable to afford their own home. A loft scan be converted in a family home and used to give the newlyweds some much need space of their own.

From Greater London through to Essex we have helped large families, young couples and single professionals with their loft conversion. We’re always on hand to help answer your queries, or to provide a quote for a proposed extension. Give us a call, or send us an email and we’ll get in touch with you right away.