There is so much to be said about this great old city. It’s a town you have to love, and people born within its boundaries find it is never far from their minds. London offers the perfect balance of history and cutting edge modernity for those who live there, and its many visitors.

The property market in London has been thriving for years and The Loft Consultancy has helped hundreds of property owners to increase the value of their homes. With such a diverse range of properties spread right across London, we have the experience and knowledge for loft conversions in any style.

This could be anything from Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian homes, right through to new property builds. Whether you are looking for an L shaped dormer, or a mansard loft conversion in London, we have the know-how to build a loft conversion of your dreams.

The lack of new housing in London has become a growing problem and loft conversions are offering the perfect alternative. In some cases they can be converted into private accommodation sold as studio flats, offering a great financial incentive for London property owners.

If you are thinking about a loft conversion, The Loft Consultancy are the ideal partner for you project because:

  • Planning permission is usually not required for London properties
  • We will ensure all building regulations are met during the design process
  • Your loft conversion can be built within only 4-6 weeks
  • A new extension will add instant value to your property in London
  • We offer bespoke services to suit your exact requirements, working around your schedule

Once we have the opportunity to visit your home we can talk through the best options to suit your property. You can trust in the Loft Consultancy to always place your needs first, and our consultative approach always puts you in control.

If you are a first time property owner, or have been in possession of your London home for a number of years, we have a specialised loft conversion design team to make the most of your existing space. The cost of a loft conversion in London will be less than the value it will add to your home, so the investment is one worthwhile pursuing.

To get a free, no-obligation quote, or to find out more about how we can convert your loft in London, our friendly team would love to hear from you soon.