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Everyone has their own reasons for converting their loft but below are the ten most common we hear from our customers:

1. Increasing the value of your home

Investing in a loft conversion can add anywhere between 10-25% to the market value of your home. Whether you plan to sell soon or in the future, this will mean you get more of a return from your property.

2. Creating more living space

Extensions can provide to be hugely expensive and difficult to get planning permission for. Loft conversions quickly provide more space in the family home and make the most of the property you own.

3. An additional bathroom

If your son or daughter are older and you want to create a bit more privacy in the home for either them or yourself, building a loft conversion will allow you to install a separate bathroom to cut down the early morning traffic jams in the house!

4. Building up instead of out

Especially for those living in built up areas, you will feel lucky to own a garden space on your property. If you need more space it makes more sense to build up with a loft conversion, rather than reduce your haven in the back yard.

5. More storage

It’s a fact of life that we eventually start to fill up all the space in our homes no matter how large it is. Loft conversions offer the perfect solution to store away the things you don’t want to dispose of, keeping them safe and accessible.

6. More insulation

Remember that heat always rises and if the attic is poorly insulated, most of the heat in your home will disappear through there. A loft conversion adds a significant amount of further insulation which can really be felt with energy bills.

7. No planning permission

In most cases planning permission will not be required to build your loft extension. In some cases they can be constructed in as little as 4 weeks. Which such little hassle involved you can see why more and more people are opting to convert their lofts.

8. Creating stunning views

Whether you live in the city, or overlook acres of green countryside, there’s little better than having a view of the surrounding area from your own home. The extra height a loft conversion adds allows you to enjoy just that.

9. Enjoying more natural light

Natural light brings the inside of your home to life and a loft conversion will help to increase the amount that comes into your home. Before you know it you’ll be spending most of your day upstairs, basking in the warm sunshine!

10. Renting out the loft

With rent rates going through the roof, now is the perfect time to build a loft conversion and turn it into a studio flat. It can then be privately rented out in only a couple months’ time once completed