Loft conversions are a hot topic at the moment. Home owners in London and Essex benefit from the services of top notch loft conversion specialists and consultants, so those looking to expand into their loft space have the best expertise at their fingertips. Loft conversions are an effective way to add value to your property and there is an abundance of advice concerning how to get the most benefit out of your conversion.

However, for many people considering having a loft conversion, the main attraction is the extra living space. That’s why they’re so popular with growing families, people who want extra guest bedrooms or just those looking for more room to spread out.

Here are a few ideas as to what you might want to use your extra loft space for.

1. Bedroom

This is undoubtedly the most common use for a loft conversion. Growing families often find themselves short of bedroom space. It’s not always ideal for children of different ages to share a bedroom, so a loft conversion is the perfect solution to avoid the upheaval of moving home.

If you like to entertain guests, it’s also a good way to acquire an extra guest bedroom or two. Space and budget-permitting, you could even incorporate an en-suite into your design.

2. Study

Millions of people work or even run a business from home in the UK. That’s why creating a home office is increasingly popular. However, not everyone has a spare room in their house that they can turn over entirely to this purpose.

Loft conversions can make great home offices because they’re out of the way of the rest of the house. It’s easy to create an atmosphere free of noise and interruptions, allowing you to work at your best.

3. Gym

Considering the cost of gym memberships, a home gym can be a great investment. The bustling, noisy atmosphere of most public gyms certainly isn’t for everyone, which might explain why more and more people are choosing to use their loft conversion as a home gym.

It’s private and convenient and with such a diverse range of home fitness equipment on the market, it can be tailored to match your personal fitness goals.

4. Playroom

Maybe it’s not an extra bedroom that your family needs, but a place where the kids can really spread out and spend time making a mess and having fun without getting in the way.

It can be immense fun to create a playroom in your loft conversion. You can use bright colours and furniture, chalkboards, floor games and quirky lighting. As your children get older, it’s easy to adapt this room into somewhere teenagers can watch DVDs and play on games consoles. You could even introduce a desk and some shelving to make a quiet study area to help them prepare for exams.

These are just a few ideas, but there are endless possible uses you could choose for your loft conversion. Depending on your lifestyle, your budget and your interests, you could opt for a games room, a library, a home cinema or even a music room. When you’re planning the design and construction of your loft conversion, make sure you keep in mind why you’re doing it, and how much you’ll enjoy your new space once all the work is finished.