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Choosing the right loft conversion company to work in your house is the biggest decision you can make during the whole process. With so many to choose from on the internet it can be confusing, and just because a company says something on their website, it doesn’t mean they are as good as they claim to be.

Thankfully, there are a number of checks you can make once you contact a company to make sure you can entrust them with your loft conversion.

Ask for references

Any professional loft firm should have no issues providing references when requested. In fact, they will be proud to show off how good their work is as a way of proving to you they are the right supplier. The references should be recent clients and, if you ask, the company will normally put you in contact with their client to speak with them directly. This is a sure fire way of validating the companies full service.

Construction guarantees and insurance

As standard, any loft conversion company will be able to guarantee their work for a fixed period after completion. You should ask what these are in the event of any repairs that may be needed at a later date, which they can cover at no additional cost. The company should also have up-to-date Contractors’ All Risk Insurance which covers any damage caused by the workmen during construction.

Ask how the process works

No doubt you will be visited in your home after you make your initial enquiry about a loft conversion. Find out what the stages of the process are; from the site visit, design, quote and beyond, so you have clear expectations. A good loft conversion company will not want to hurry you into making a decision. You should be able to ask questions at any stage and always receive an understandable answer to help you come to an informed decision.

Find out about the construction phase

A project manager should be appointed to the loft conversion project, who is up-to-speed on the project and communicating its progress back to you. This single point of contact will make your life much easier as the building work gets under way. Before construction on the loft begins you should also be introduced to the foreman who will be overseeing the work.

Check your quote

When you are handed a quote, the detail should be explained to you in full. All the costs should be broken down and a timeline provided for completion. You should also ask whether this is an estimate or fixed cost. There should be nothing hidden at this stage and a reputable company will be open and transparent about the costs involved.