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Aside from all the financial and emotional investment that goes into creating a loft conversion, you also have to decide what to do with your new space. Some people have a very clear idea that eventually leads them towards building a loft conversion. Others only come to a decision about what to use it for once the space has been finished and created.

A lot depends on the amount of new space you have and, of course, the budget available to spend. Here are some ideas for you to think about before you go ahead and start designing your loft conversion.

A private bedroom

A new loft conversion can be adapted in a number of ways and a bedroom works particularly well for growing members of the family. If you have a teenager who has shared a room with a younger sibling for quite some time, you could design a new bedroom in the loft, and let them take your old room. It always gives you a perfect getaway on the third storey when they start bickering with each other too!

A luxurious bathroom

Creating a whole new bathroom or shower space in the loft is always a popular choice for loft conversions. The extra space allows for plenty of room, and gives the adults of the house the chance to enjoy their own private bathroom in peace and quiet. With the extra daylight that floods into the loft then this can become a truly relaxing place to escape to at the end of the day.

A home office

More people than ever are spending time working from home and it’s important to have a clear space to keep your paperwork and thoughts organised. A loft can be converted into a private office space, and as it is usually one of the quieter places in the home, it will allow you to concentrate without any unnecessary distractions.

A kids/family room

The world playroom doesn’t just have to mean for kids. Of course, you can always create extra space in your loft for your little ones to play without creating havoc in the living room or other areas of the house. But a new loft conversion can also be a used to install a pool table, or dart board, or even a games room for the kids to enjoy their Playstation or Xbox and watch movies.