Modern Loft-Space

As we continue to hoard stuff in our homes, and we dump more and more items up in our attics, we get increasingly wary about actually facing the mess we are creating upstairs. Especially if you are thinking of building a loft conversion.

But sorting it out needn’t be the nightmare you imagine it to be. Being clever with the space you have is the key, and a new loft conversion doesn’t have to mean you lose all your storage space.

There are ways you can combine creating a new living space with somewhere to store your belongings. We’ve put a few ideas together for you below.

Keep the important items upstairs

If you’re being honest with yourself, half the stuff you keep upstairs could either be stored somewhere else in the house or even thrown away. A loft can sometimes just become an easy dumping ground.

For example, rather than keeping old DVDs, games and electrical equipment upstairs collecting dust, why not sell them on eBay? There are even apps like Ziffit that will buy all your CD’s, DVDs and games for cash.

Books can be sold through the Ziffit app too, although you may prefer to put them in a bookcase within in the loft conversion. This kills two birds with one stone; creating tidy storage and more space.

Shelving is generally a good idea in the loft as it allows you to store ornaments and other forgotten china pieces out in the open. Again, this creates more space and adds decoration to the loft itself.

Don’t lose all your storage space

Clever use of the space in the new loft conversion will still allow you to store some items while using it for living purposes. You can use the edge of the loft to keep things stored away out of sight, without interfering with the new design and ambience.

Maximise the space in your home

Building a loft conversion is the perfect excuse to finally have a good old clear out. You’ll be surprised at the amount of items you no longer need, or that can find new homes around the house.

Shelving systems can add style to any room while performing a functional task. Check if you have room under the stairs or in the garage – who knows, you might end up having a major clear out around the entire home!