loft conversions north london

The Loft Consultancy are proud to announce that enquiries for loft conversions are up 40% from the start of the year, an increase that is the result of a number of contributing factors.

Our new website went live in January and thanks to its cleaner design and easier to read content our services have become more prominent on all of the major search engines. With more people visiting our website than ever before this has naturally led to an increase in enquiries from new customers searching for loft conversions.

We have also benefited from the ongoing surge in planning applications which has meant more homeowners are searching for a professional and specialist loft conversion company who can help them bring their loft space to life. Our word of mouth reputation also continues to grow as our satisfied customers are more than happy to spread the word about the professional approach of The Loft Consultancy.

Although there have been changes to our online presentation our team members have remained the same which has enabled us to continue providing the sort of outstanding customer service clients expect. It is the foundation upon which our business is built and even as we keep growing and helping more customers, our dedication to perfection will never be lowered. Rather, we are constantly searching for new ways to improve our service while always maintaining quality and cost effectiveness.

2018 promises to be a big year for our company and as enquiries and sales increase so does our gratitude to our customers. We never lose sight of the fact that our success is down to the loyalty and faith clients place in us to transform their home and it is a responsibility we never take lightly. From all of us at The Loft Consultancy we offer a special thanks to all our customers for using our services and looking forward to serving homeowners in the southeast for many more years to come.