loft conversions north london

Converting your loft is a huge investment of time, money and energy but once complete it adds a huge amount to your everyday life. The next step entails making sure it blends in with the rest of your home and finding the right décor and use for the space. This is where the fun really begins, bringing to life a brand new room and unleashing your creative flair. Here are some loft inspiration ideas to get you started.


A loft conversion could become the new master bedroom if children are growing up and want separate rooms, or a place for a teenager to have more of their own space. An en-suite bathroom is always a popular idea and lift-up beds mean the space is maximised throughout the day. Skylights and sun tunnels are always a great way to bring extra light into the room.


If a family member works from home then having a space to work in isolation is a great idea. A loft conversion might feature an adjustable desk for sitting and standing, with filing desks positioned underneath to save on space. Venetian blinds will help to filter bright light and adding some plants will help to create a calmer environment.


Depending on whether it’s for young or old kids, your children will love a games room. Their age will help dictate what goes in there too. For younger kids keep safety concerns at mind and allow plenty of floor space, adding colourful beanbags to relax and shelving for books and toys. For teenagers you’ll want more subdued colours, a nice sofa and nice big screen for video games and movies.


Instead of crowding yourself inside a sweaty gym, having your own space to work out is every fitness fanatics dream. Make sure you have dense rubber mats or sprung wood flooring for shock absorption. Buy gym equipment that doesn’t take up too much space and use mirrors, skylights and sun tunnels to bring plenty of light into the space.


A loft conversion cinema really adds a wow factor to the home. Skylight blackout blinds allow you get the most of a projector, which is cheaper than a large TV, complemented by home cinema surround sound. It’s the perfect space for entertaining friends or for fun relaxing family evenings.