Our Guarantee

Our Deposit Protection Guarantee

Handing over a sizeable amount of money to any company can be daunting and it is important you receive assurances that your money is safely secured. Once you have confirmed you wish to proceed, a deposit will be required to secure the services of our loft conversion team. To give you peace of mind we will hand over this sum to a legally protected third party to manage for the duration of the build.


How does the protection guarantee work?

We work closely with the Independent Warranty Association (IWA) who have been protecting people’s deposits for over 30 years. In the highly unlikely event that The Loft Consultancy are unable to complete your loft conversion, this arrangement fully safeguards your deposit. Before the loft conversion begins, we will supply you with an IWA Deposit Protection certificate so you have a clear record of the transaction.

Developing trust, not only in our ability to complete the loft conversion but to protect your financial investment, is something we place above all else. If you wish to find out more about our deposit protection guarantee and the security it provides, get in touch today.